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Designs In Marble produces custom stone sinks that match or accent your new stone countertops. These sinks are not only beautiful but functional. We custom build them to the size and number of bowls you want. The bottom of the sinks are CNC milled to a taper to ensure proper drainage and to accept standard drain assemblies. They are also joined and assembled using methods exclusive to Designs In Marble to provide a lifetime of use. Ask how you can truly customize your kitchen!

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Whether the style is contemporary, traditional or transitional, Cygnet Stainless heavy duty 16 gauge sinks and faucets are certain to set the tone for any kitchen. The symmetry between Cygnet Stainless products and the kitchen’s appliances invigorates any design. The striking appearance of Cygnet Stainless sinks and gleaming faucets is only achieved through our own advanced manufacturing capabilities awarded without the highest levels of industry certification. If properly maintained, Cygnet Stainless products retain their luster and shine for generations to come.

If you have the vision, we have the people to ensure your satisfaction.

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